On the Roof: How much will Homeowner's Insurance Cover?

On the Roof: How much will Homeowner's Insurance Cover?

March 01, 2021
Every homeowner wants to get the most out of their homeowner’s insurance policy. While we expect homeowner’s insurance to cover major disasters, many wonder if their insurance covers large expenses related to the home, such as replacing the roof.

Homeowner’s insurance usually covers the replacement of a roof if it is damaged during an act of nature. The age of the roof at the time of the disaster is usually irrelevant, though roofs that are past their intended replacement schedule aren’t always eligible for replacement since roof repair and replacement are considered general maintenance issues, which are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Acts of nature that damage a roof can include high winds, tornados, hail, snow weight, ice storms, and more. Damage resulting from acts of nature may qualify a homeowner for partial or total replacement of the roof, though the final determination is made by the insurance company.

It’s wise to properly care for the roof on your home and replace it when necessary. Roof repair isn’t covered by homeowner’s insurance, so it’s smart to keep track of the condition of your roof and make sure you repair or replace it before it begins to leak.

Many insurance companies consider a roof to be past it’s life expectancy after 20 years. If it’s time to replace your roof, make sure your new roofing material will be covered by the insurance company if you’re planning to use slate, recycled shake shingles or if you’re adding more than a second layer to the roof.

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